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Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking

Posted by Sailaja Prakash Monday, 29 August 2011

Expectant Moms and Dads Please Go Through This Article:

Immediately after the baby is born the umbilical cord blood and cord tissues are collected, processed and preserved through the innovative concept of stem cell banking for future use. It is once in lifetime opportunity to secure your baby's future.

The cord tissues are loaded with stem cells, which are the origins of the body's immune system, blood system, and tissues.

It can be used to treat 75 serious ailments or life-threatening diseases like "Bone-Marrow", "Leukemia" (Blood Cancer), etc. of the baby and its family. This cord blood is useful at the time of transplants.

Cord blood stem cells are useful to regenerate healthy blood and immune system.

Baby's cord tissue is a valuable source of stem cells that could be used to treat many lifestyle and tissue degenerative diseases. The umbilical cord tissue stem cells are “Mesenchymal stem cells” which have been found to have the potency to treat tissue / organ related ailments like diabetes, heart ailments, osteophorosis etc.,

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