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Suryanamaskaras / Surya Namaskaraalu

Posted by Sailaja Prakash Friday, 11 September 2009

You can do 'Suryanamaskaras' 1-12 times daily. Following is the video to do Suryanamkaras 12 times continuously. But increase the no. of times slowly. If you feel hard or tired or dizzy don't continue to do. Just relax in 'Savaasana'.

After finishing 'Suryanamaskaras', relax yourself in 'Savaasana' to get recharged. This is must. Or else, you feel a sort of uneasiness throughout the day.

The correct order is to do Warm-Up Exercises first, Later Suryanamaskaras, Later Pranayama, & Later Yoga Aasanas.


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