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A Few Exercises To Reduce Butt

Posted by Sailaja Prakash Thursday, 7 January 2010

Article Source: Times Of India

The Squat:

The squat is effective, because it targets muscles in the upper leg, front thigh, back thigh and the butt.

1. Stand with you feet placed at shoulder with.

2. Lower your body slowly as though sitting in a chair till your thighs are parallel to the ground.

3. Hold for 5 counts, and slowly come back up.

The Lunge:

Lunges, like squats, also work your thigh and butt muscles. Calf muscles are given a workout too. Start by doing lunges without weights first.

1. Stand with your feet together.

2. Now bend your right leg in front as far as you can.

3. Slowly go down and bend your knees at 90 degree angles.

4. Hold till 5 counts and slowly come back to your original position.

The Pile Lunge:

This is another great exercise that targets your inner and front thighs as well as your butt. You can do the pile lunge with or without weights.

1. Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width. Make sure the toes are pointing outwards, sideways.

2. Bend your knees and lower your body, keeping your knees in the same line as yours toes.

3. Go back to the original position slowly.


This is nothing but working on an aerobic stepper. Simply put a foot on the stepper, push from the heel and take it down as you take the next step.

Dead Lifts:

Dead lifts are usually associated with the lower back. But they also help tone your hamstrings (thigh muscles) and glutes (bum muscles). This exercise has to done with weights.

1. Stand with your feet wide apart and a straight back.

2. Bean down from the waist, while also bending your knees slightly.

3. Squeeze your butt and hamstring muscles, come up till the weights reach mid-thigh.

4. Hold till 5 counts and come up fully.


Do these exercises at least 5 times a weeks, with 12 reps each.

Reverse Lunge:

And also go through this article and find for "To Exercise Thighs & Butt".


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